Wyoming Association of Professional Landmen

Our Standards

The Bylaws of the Wyoming Association of Professional Landmen provide that a Code of Ethics has been established “to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct” for the member of WAPL. The Code of Ethics is the basis of conduct, business principles and ideals for Wyoming Association of Professional Landmen Members. This standard of professional conduct and these guiding principles and ideals mandated by the Code of Ethics within the Wyoming Association of Professional Landmen bylaws are summarized as follows:

a. Fair and honest dealing with landowners, the general public and industry so as to preserve the integrity of the profession (Article IV, Section1).
b. Adherence to a high standard of conduct in fulfilling his fiduciary duties to a principle. (Article Section 2).
c. Avoiding business activity, which may conflict with the interest of his employer or client or result in the unauthorized disclosure or misuse of confidential information (Article IV, Section 2).
d. Performance of professional services in a competent manner (Article IV, Section 2).
e. Adherence to any provisions of the bylaws, Code of Ethics or any rule, regulation, or order adopted pursuant thereto (Article III, Section 3).
f. Avoiding the aiding or abetting of any unauthorized use of the title “Certified Professional Landman” (Article III, Section 3).
g. Avoiding any act or conduct which causes disrespect for or lack of confidence in the Member to act professionally as a landman (Article III, Section 3).

The Masculine gender used herein shall refer to both men and women landmen. (References are to the applicable Article and Section of the Wyoming Association of Professional Landmen Bylaws.)

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